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Type 8 - Thermostatic Cartridge

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Type 8 - Thermostatic Cartridge

Thermostatic Cartridge Steam Shower Spare Parts

Thermostatic shower valve replacement cartridge. This is a threaded/screw in fit type (Type 8 / SP051). The overall length is 92mm.

We only recommend like for like replacement of this part. There are many different shower valves available, some look similar, but may not fit. It is important you choose the exact correct type to avoid leaks.

Please check our page on compatibility for information of this item will suit your shower model and make.

Material: Brass

This item is compatible with steam showers, shower cabins and steam whirlpool baths from AquaLusso, Insignia, Bathtek, Brownes Health, Burnley Plumbing Supplies, Smart Price Warehouse, Victorian Plumbing and many others - but ALWAYS remove and check the cartridge you have currently as this is the ONLY way to know which cartridge you need. Earlier produced showers may need the Type 6, and models produced earlier still may need a Type 12 Cartridge.


ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE: http://www.steamshowerspares.com/PBSCProduct.asp?ItmID=12661193

AquaLusso have a Help Guide to show you how to replace a Thermostatic Cartridge

Click the following link to download our helpful guide to the removal and identification of our Thermostatic Cartridges.

Thermostatic Cartridge Removal.pdf

Please note our cartridges can arrive 'wet', this is not because they have been used, but simply that they are tested after production and occasionally water remains inside the item, with can find it way out whilst passing through the postal system on its way to you.

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