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TYPE 8 Thermostatic Cartridge (Vernet Wax Sensor Type)

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TYPE 8 Thermostatic Cartridge (Vernet Wax Sensor Type)This Thermostatic Cartridge contains a Vernet Wax Sensor as used by several shower cabin and steam shower suppliers in their shower valves.

This is a SCREW IN type and can be used to replace an existing Vernet sensor fitted cartridge or as a replacement for the Type 8 as sold here.

Vernet are a very trusted manufacturer and have been operating since 1927.

These Cartridges are considerably more reliable than standard ones fitted to a lot of steam showers and shower cabins.

AquaLusso have a Help Guide to show you how to replace a Thermostatic Cartridge

Click the following link to download our helpful guide to the removal and identification of our Thermostatic Cartridges.

Thermostatic Cartridge Removal.pdf

Please note our cartridges can arrive 'wet', this is not because they have been used, but simply that they are tested after production and occasionally water remains inside the item, with can find it way out whilst passing through the postal system on its way to you.

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