I having trouble with my steam shower, the control pad MK117 manually set to 45 & couple seconds later is back to 00,I replaced the control pad, could it be the generator or the control box host.Thank you
    It is difficult to identify what you are setting to '45' that then returns to '00'.

Temperature of steam?
Radio Volume?

The temperature setting (ie the temperature you want the cabin to reach with steam) is a setting that the cabin will try to create when the steam is on. Since steam is generated at 100oC only a temperature that is much lower than this is possible and safe. The steam function will produce steam to reach the temperature then it will stop. When the temperature is recorded as lower, then it will begin again. This on and off will continue to maintain the temperature as you set.

If there is a fault in thisfuctions, then it can be as a result of failure in the Control Pad, Steam Generator or the Temperature sensor.

Without a more detailed fault description is it unfortunatly difficult to help further.