I need a TR016 Control Panel / Pad

TR016 are extremly hard to find these days. We have not had them for several years!

Most showers from a similar line to those we supply parts for use the MK series of control pads (MK117, MK220, MK117u etc)

Your only real option is to look to change the pad to an available type. This however does come at a greater cost, since you cannot 'just change the pad' The electonic contol unit and steam generator must all be of the same type to enable communication to be passed.

Additionally, the choice of pad will require you to modify the current 'hole' that the TR016 occupies.

The steam genertor and electronics come in two options (slimline) which is the two parts separated and joined via Data cables or as a combined (both parts in one box) Both are identical, the variation is simply that the slimline ones are designed to install to the back of the tower panel (behind where the valve is) in Low Step tray style showers, whereas, Tub based models can accomodate the combined unit underneath.

This would also apply to anyone looking for control panels that we do not show and therfore do not have available.