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The website (Link below) has been set up by someone who has done quite a bit of detective work and research into one particular FAKE Review website. The writer of the website has chosen a very similar domain name to the fake review site and carefully provides the facts that show this underhand tactic of selling and its origin.

Since we fully support this unknown website for outing underhand tactics, we felt that we would help by sharing the information and hope it helps stop anyone making a decision they may regret. Whilst the fake site carefully hopes to direct customers to one particular website, and we have no information that you are likely to be scammed, the simple fact the website is working in a despicable manner, and what we also believe to be ILLEGAL as the reviews are NOT UNBIASED as they claim, but VERY BIASED, we feel, buyer BEWARE is the best approach - would you buy from someone that shady?.

We urge you to check it yourself to decide.

Writing FAKE reviews is illegal and very poor practice, to create a whole website is simply unbelievable.

Read here:

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