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Opus 02 Shower Cabin

Opus 02 Shower Cabin


This Opus 02 is a corner shower enclosure, ideal for those looking to add a shower into smaller locations such as an ensuite. Finished in Polar White rear glass panel colour, which is designed to create a dynamic statement. The Thermostatic valve provides simple, robust and accurate control of which water function you require; monsoon, hand shower or body jets. The Valve is produced in France and built to a high standard and designed to provide a long and precise life and features a Vernet Wax Sensor for precise temperature control.

The Opus 02 comes a useful glass shelf; handy for storing your shampoo, soaps and gels within easy reach. The Opus 02, like all the Opus range comes with a re-enforced shower tray, to provide a safe and study showering experience. 

The Opus range features 6mm low-ion coloured rear glass and clear front glass doors and side glass - all of which is safety glass.

  • iLock Frame assembly mechanism
  • Chrome finished accessories
  • Overhead Shower
  • Multi Function Hand Shower and Riser Bar
  • Adjustable Body Jets
  • Glass Shelf
  • Plug and Waste
  • Comprehensive Fitting and Operation Instructions
  • Polar White Glass
  • Clear Safety Glass doors
  • High Quality Thermostatic Shower Valve
  • WRAS Approved Water Supply Hoses

iLock - The unique frame assembly locking system
Installing your Opus shower is made really easy thanks to the unique iLock™ system developed by AquaLusso. The sections are simply offered up in position, then rotated to lock them securely in place - no fiddly screws or bolts! 

All of the framework on the Opus is finished in a contemporary polished Aluminium that looks great now and will for years to come.

SIZE: 900 x 900 x 2300mm


1-3 bar balanced water pressures.
Works with Combi Boilers, Pressurised systems and shower pumps.
Level and 'true' walls.
Smooth, level floor surface.
Minimum 40cm around the product for assembly and service access.



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