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TR001 Steam Generator

TR001 Steam Generator



The TR001 Steam Generator and integrated electronics for replacement on showers with the same model code. This part is compatible with Electronic control pads also featuring the same TR001 code.

The steam generator is rated up to 3kW and is for UK use only.

It comes with a power lead fitted with an RCD. The unit has numerous cable/leads from it to connect to Lights, Fan, Speaker, Control pad, Ozone etc.

Power: AC220-240v (50-60Hz)
Max power: 3Kw
Operating Current: 12.5 -13.6A
Rating: IPX4

This item is/was fitted to some models bearing the manufacturers codes:
9009, 622, 9001, 9004, 8004, 8002, 9016
There may be other models also.

Unit colour may vary from that shown here.

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