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Pads and Headrests

Headrest Pads, Back Rest Pads for shoer cabins, steam showers and whirlpool baths. Made from a soft touch rubberised mnaterial to be waterproof yet durable. We also have fittings for back rest pads; both the chrome finished type and push fit.
Padded Fold Up Seat
Padded Fold Up Seat with 4 fixing bolts
In Stock
Fold Up Seat for Shower Cabins
Fold up seat as fitted to H88 and Crystal Shower Cabins.
Available from Supplier
Bath Head Rest Pillow
Dark Grey Bath Head Rest Pillow.
In Stock
Back Rest Pad (bolt fit)
Back Rest Pad for connection with Chrome fixings.
In Stock
Back Rest Pad (push fit)
Back Rest Pad for push fit fixing type.
In Stock
Back Rest Pad Push Fittings
Set of 4 Back Rest Pad fixing plugs, push fitting type.
In Stock
Chrome Back Pad Bolts
Set of 4 chrome finished back rest pad fixing bolts.
In Stock