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Tubs and Trays

Looking for a replacement Shower Tray or Tub for your whirlpool bath or deep base steam shower - Steam Shower Spares have a wide range of Acrylic trays available. Each tray/tub has any known manufacturers code to enable easy identification to your needs.
Shower Tray 1200x800 Left Handed
Shower Tray Base for models: H88-845L / Crystal 1200L / Alto 04L and BH45L models shower cabins.
Steam Shower Tray 900 x 900
Shower Tray Base for models: Alto 90 / Davenport 900 / 9010 and BH90 models steam shower cabins.
Shower Tray 800 x 800
Shower Tray Base for models: Alto 01 / Crystal 800 / H88-842 shower cabins.
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Flexible Waste
White flexible waste pipe 1.5" (inch) thread and push fit end.
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