Wedding Video, Marryoke and Wedding Photography

Are you or a family member getting married soon?
You will need a Wedding Video and Photography!

Choosing a wedding photographer and wedding videographer is another one of the many, many items on the Bride and Grooms list of series to arrange. 

Selecting a trustworthy, reliable, professional company is perhaps the first place to start, then you need to ensure that their work is in a style of photography or video that you like and would suit your special wedding day. Next you need to check that the videographer and photographer are available on the day.

Harrogate Wedding, Video and Photography is the amalgamation of two independent company who are able to offer a combined wedding video and photography solution or if you prefer, a separate solution.

So why is this worth considering over sourcing individual photographer and video people?
By using Harrogate Weddings to provide Professional photographer and video for your wedding, you not only save time, but the cost will be less for using a single company solution. The other reason, and personas that may not be apparent is that using a wedding photographer and wedding video company that have experience of working together, means that on you special and magical day, they are fully aware of each others specific needs when it comes to arranging the shots. Allowing time and room to make sure the photographer has his shots, and the video has carpeted the special moments. Communication between both parties makes things, location shots and your day run without hitch and means the finished wedding video and wedding photography looks stunning.

Harrogate Weddings, Video and Photography offer wedding photo and video services not only in Harrogate and other parts of North Yorkshire, but in fact anywhere in the UK. We have done weddings as far as London and France.

Harrogate Weddings can provide both Digital only photography, or a full wedding album. The choices of video are varied too' traditional wedding feature, full wedding video, or even Wedding Marryoke. Marryoke is modern trent to shoot a wedding video to the accompaniment of your favourite pop song - great fun for all your friend and family on the day. Your wedding video can include messages form your guests, the ceremony and the speeches if you wish.

Our photographer has many years of experience shooting both weddings and studio photography and is sure to capture the best of your day. The videographers are able to produce romantic, stylish, or modern video to your exact needs and are amazingly creative.

The video team had a wealth of professional equipment, including rigs, cranes, aerial cameras, GoPro along with steady cams, cages and shoulder rigs - all of which are used to get the best shots we can.

Harrogate Weddings is the joining of both Ideal Imagery Photography and Red Lime Studios Videographers

Harrogate weddings, Yorkshire Weddings, Manchester Weddings, Leeds Weddings, Lake District Wedding Wedding Photographer, London Wedding Wedding Video Wedding Marryoke video

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The website (Link below) has been set up by someone who has done quite a bit of detective work and research into one particular FAKE Review website. The writer of the website has chosen a very similar domain name to the fake review site and carefully provides the facts that show this underhand tactic of selling and its origin.

Since we fully support this unknown website for outing underhand tactics, we felt that we would help by sharing the information and hope it helps stop anyone making a decision they may regret. Whilst the fake site carefully hopes to direct customers to one particular website, and we have no information that you are likely to be scammed, the simple fact the website is working in a despicable manner, and what we also believe to be ILLEGAL as the reviews are NOT UNBIASED as they claim, but VERY BIASED, we feel, buyer BEWARE is the best approach - would you buy from someone that shady?.

We urge you to check it yourself to decide.

Writing FAKE reviews is illegal and very poor practice, to create a whole website is simply unbelievable.

Read here:

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Insignia Spares, Brownes Health Spares and AquaLusso Spares

If you have a shower cabin or a steam shower and need spares the first place most would consider would be the supplier of their shower. But not all retailers actually sell spares or are indeed bother to fully support the customer after the warranty period. Additionally getting spares parts for your shower cabin or replacement parts for your steam shower after warranty relies on availability of the parts and being able to get them at a reasonable price.

This is where Steam Shower Spares come in. We hold a large stock of spare parts and replacement or upgrade parts for a large variety of shower enclosures and hydro massage shower cabins that are sold not only in the UK, but also Europe and as well as America and Canada.

Our shower spare parts are sourced from the very same places that your original shower may have come from, so compatibility should never be a problem. This is especially true with some leading brand models sold in the England such as those sold by: Insignia Showers, JP Spas, Lisna Waters, AquaLusso Showers and Brownes Health (now known as Smart Price Warehouse)

Worldwide, our spares are fitted to showers sold in USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and the Middle East under brand names such as Constar.

With Ebay being a place more people go to purchase a bargain, there are also a large number of ebay sellers who sell shower cabins or steam showers that have no brand name, or long term view on their products and defiantly no support. We are often contacted by people who have purchased an unknown shower and the seller is no longer around or cannot/will not help them. This is the way things are with Ebay, most people are selling the 'next big thing' at a cheap price. This is fine until you need help or spares parts for your shower.

Fortunately many parts fitted to shower cubicles and steam shower pods are interchangeable and can be found fitted to many different looking showers. With lots of standard threaded parts, the only real problem is likely to be communication between control panels and electronics - these MUST be of the same type to communicate.

There has been an increase in the number of people selling both on Ebay and the internet as a whole who have opened up places to purchase spare parts. Whilst this may seem like a good ting, and we always love competition, it has been noted to us that some suppliers are not actually holding much or any stock of the spares. A few carefully chosen pictures of the 'apparent' stock holding, or a long list of part available is all that is shown. Place and order and people are having to wait weeks for their shower replacement parts.We, at Steam Shower Spares, show you clearly if the part is in stock or not. On some items we allow back orders, but this is ONLY when we know for sure the stock is due VERY soon. If we do not have clear confirmation the stock has shipped, then we do not let you purchase and so you will not feel like we have conned you or taken you money with deception.

so, are you looking for shower enclosure handles, a replacement shower thermostat because the water temperature is getting cold, the glass shelf has been broken, you need a high quality WRAS approved water supply hose, a new steam pod fixing nut, a chrome finished swivel joint and you have a shower that is from a known brand name or not, then you have found the best place on the net... visit the shop here

Lisna waters shower spares

Bathtek shower spares

Brownes health shower spares

Insignia shower spare parts

spares for Aqualusso shower cabins

Spares for Smart Price Warehouse steam shower

Color spa shower spare parts

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Thermostatic Shower Cartridges

There are quite simply Thousands of different Thermostatic Shower Cartridges available Worldwide.

Finding the correct  one for your shower often means contacting the supplier of your shower or the manufacturer.

Whilst in most cases this is quite simple, there are many reasons why this may not be so:

You did not install the shower cabin in the first instance.
You have simple forgotten where it came from.
The company no longer exisits.

Whilst we at Steam  Shower Spares cannot help everyone, there are at least quite a large amount of people in the UK, Europe and even Worldwide who we can help source a replacement spare thermostatic shower cartridge for thier shower enclosure, steam shower cabin, steam and whirlpool bath or simiar hydro spa quadrant shower.

Chinas East coast is home to a huge volume of sanitaryware production. Not just showers, but bathroom, suites, toilets, sinks, taps - in fact everything. The fact this area is so massivly dense in factories means they all are aware of each other, copy one another and most helpful to you - they source componants from the same sources.

So, if there was a company making shower cabins, steam showers and shower enlcosures and they need shower valves for them, rathe then make them inhouse, they simply buy them in from the company who only make valves, and since there are more shower companies than valve makers, the same valves are fitted to hundreds of companies showers. Futher still, that shower valve will have been copied a hundred times by other valve companies.

The valve company may only case the outer case and inturn buy in the thermostatic cartridge from a company who make them and only them, so guess what... there are now thousands of showers manufacturers with the same cartridge!

The important thing is to check what 'type' of cartridge you have. Simple remove the one you have that needs replacing and compare to the ones we supply.

Over time the makers do make chnages to all componants. This may be for cost reasonas or that improvements have been implemented. AS with all things, chnages are not often able to be handled in Retro fitted cases, so a thermostatic cartridge made in one year, may be different from those produced a year or two later.

As a general rule of thumb here is some information regarding the thermostatci cartridges that we know:

Type 12
This was used from around 2006 - 2008 approximatly. It is held into the valve by a Grub Screw.

Type 6
This part superseded the Type 12 cartridge and is different only in that the gauzed area is less in comparison. These were fitted from around 2008-2011 and is also a Grub Screw type of cartridge.

Type 8
This is a screw threaded thermostatic cartridge. Aside from he thread it is very similar to the Type 6. Fitted into showers from 2011 - 2013

This is a variation on the Type 8 and CAN be used to replace the Type 8. It is also threaded for fitting and has the same sized gauzed area. It main difference is the Wax Sensor is produced by a highly reputable sensor manufacturer n France. The sensors are purchased and sent to China for installation in the cartridges. The Vernet Thermostatic Shower Cartridge is also noticeably different to all the others in that the Bottom end of the cartridge is Blue rather than Red.

This is a slightly rarer item that was fitted to some AquaLusso Opus models in 2013 - It is Silver in colour and is completely different to the others. It is a high quality cartridge and is very reliable.

These cartridges look like the Type 8 and are in fact ever so slightly different n size it is very difficult to find the difference. Only the fact they are fitted into a TWO DIAL valve do we usually know the difference. These must be replaced with the same type - never a type 8!

Most of the above thermostatic shower cartridges are fitted to models available from Bathtek, AquaLusso, JTSpas, Bath Depot, Brownes Health, Victoria Plumbing, Insignia, BPS, Cascada, Forthill Home, Smart Price Warehouse, Indigo Showers, Lisna Waters, Heat and Plumb, AquaPlus, New World Bathroom and many, many more, often sold on Ebay or other retailers.

Steam Shower Spares can ship Thermostatic Cartridges Worldwide.

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What makes a shower Cabin or Steam Shower, such a popular product?

The steam shower enclosure has gained immense popularity with home owners searching for a modern and therapeutic appliance for their bathrooms.

Although now a common feature for the home these ingenious showering appliances were until recently an expensive form of therapy found only in exclusive hotels, gyms and spa retreats. It is really only through the advancements in technology that the price of these amazing devices has decreased making it become an affordable asset for the home.

For those who may have experienced a steam room, the steam shower is a concept very familiar in use as it is created in the same form as a shower enclosure. If you are unfamiliar with any of these devices then in short the steam shower cubicle is manufactured in the same shape as a shower cubicle and the same showering abilities. The difference being that the steam shower cubicle is produced within a self-enclosed cubicle and houses itís very own steam generator. Each system comes fully fitted with a variety of additional features that can consist of LCD television, stereo or music system, radio, speakers, hands free telephone and mood enhancing lighting that is all controlled by a remote or touch screen panel. These additional gadgets are fitted within the constraints of the cubicle to enhance your enjoyment and these are just one set of the many features that come integrated within the interior.

The original concept revolved around a shower enclosure that was created for hygiene purposes. However as manufacturing practices started to improve it was not long before these devices became more and more complex. This soon led to the creation of the steam shower system we know now of today.

The whole idea was to produce a showering system that would provide you with the ultimate experience and so manufacturers started introducing a combination of elements that would allow you to savour the time spent within the shower cabin. So amongst the remote controlled gadgets you were also introduced to a vast selection of health giving attributes and therapeutic items. Items such as body massaging jets were integrated to provide you with a sensual body massage, foot and calf massaging system offering you a comfortable way to relieve aching feet. A small, yet powerful steam generator that sits in the base of the unit, this enables you to enjoy the opportunity of savouring the treatment of steam.

Whilst not all of these features are on all steam shower models, as with most products, features are changed and upgraded over time. AquaLusso have taken some common seen features out of their products in favour of higher quality components and improved visual appearance. Foot massagers, whilst in theory these are a nice item to have, they are generally poor in performance and a hindrance inside your shower. AquaLusso did a large amount of customer research on their products to realise that QUALITY is the customers key focus and most are attuned enough to discard products with 'wizz-bang' lists of gadgets that they will not use or break all too soon. The same seems to apply to lighting. Tray lights, tower lights and ceiling. It is adequate enough to have a ceiling light to provide cabin lighting. Many cheap branded or unbranded shower sellers choose to have lights fitted all over their shower. Again this may look impressive in a carefully staged picture, but in reality customers do not use them all beyond the initial first few weeks of the showers use. Another consideration is the access required should one of these bulbs fail. We know that LED lights are longer lasting, lower power consumption, but cheap products often have poor quality of circuit boards and this leads to failure. So how would you access the lights fitted in the low step shower tray ? Our guess is the only way is to take the whole shower to pieces as access to the areas needed is simply not possible any other way.

Most of all these remarkable cleaning cubicles are created for the user to be able to relax and unwind at any time they wish, all within the confines of their very own bathroom.

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Steam Showers, a New Tradition

The steam shower has redefined the concept of the bathroom and this all down to their unique ability to stylise and modernise the bathrooms interior, whilst improving our bodies and mind.

The steam shower and steam shower bath is a stylish amenity that was originally introduced to gyms, fitness centres, spa retreats, hotels and other luxury establishments. Created in the style of a shower enclosure, each appliance is a self-enclosed unit that comes fully fitted with a small steam generator combined with an abundance of modern accessories.

The whole concept of the steam shower comes from the traditional remedy of the steam bath that dates back to our early ancestors. In fact it stems right back to the early Roman Empire, where the Romans utilised natural hot springs found beneath the earth in conjunction with the creation of large bath houses. The Ancient Romans used these impressive buildings as not only a means of bathing, but to socialise. The Romans regarded the baths as an integral and important part of the community to such an extent that it did not matter what your socioeconomic standing. The Greek closely followed, alongside other early civilisations such as the Turkish and many more all benefiting from the amazing health and therapeutic attributes offered through steam.

Each steam shower cabin utilises steam through a small generator that sits within the base of the steam shower unit with many other amazing gadgets and accessories such as hydro-massage water jets, foot and calf massager and many other modern accessories such as chromo-therapy, waterproof television, radio, hands free telephone and much more.

The small steam generator turns the enclosure in to a therapeutic haven that provides a wonderful array of benefits. The most common element is the inducement of relaxation, helping to release pent up tensions and stress, this is especially useful for people wishing to unwind after a hard and strenuous day at work. After a short period of time your muscles start to relax which then induce a drop in emotional mood, making you happier and revived. Ailments such as arthritis and rheumatoid pains are decreased through the combination of moisture and heat making it extremely beneficial for the elderly. Sweating is another valuable attribute enabling your body and skin to release toxins and any negative energy. Furthermore this form of therapy stimulates the flow of blood throughout the body and can also help with weight loss and lastly leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh, healthy and revived.

AquaLusso has just launched their latest selection of luxury steam showers, steam shower baths and whirlpool baths for the home. Each appliance is sourced from leading brands and offers the finest accessories at affordable prices.

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