Compatability of shower spares and parts for AquaLusso, Brownes Health, Bathtek, Cascada, Insignia

Compatability of Parts

The products listed on this website are suitable for the following list of suppliers:
Burnley Plumbing Supplies

Additionally, these products are compatible with most parts fitted on showers sold by the following retailers who may brand the items differently:
Bathrooms are us, Indigo Showers, Shower-Cubicle, Burnley Plumbing Supplies, BPS, JT Spas, Browne's Health, Colorspa, Colour Spa, Lisna Waters, Smart Price Warehouse, Bathtek, AquaLusso, Bath Depot, Whirlpool Bathrooms, JT Spas, Showers n Baths, Cascada Bathrooms and many more

A large proportion of parts have standard fittings; such as 15mm threads. For parts such as Thermostatic cartridges, we recommend ONLY purchasing parts design for your shower type. There are many, many shower models sold within the UK that are produced in China, and many parts can be fitted to different models with ease but where are parts is visually different to the one you seek, please check carefully before you purchase that the part will indeed be suitable.

Shower Models known to be compatible. This is not an exclusive list:
Models with original packing codes for 8004, 622, 9002, 9003, 8008, 8002, 9013, 9011, 09002 8283, H88-842, H88-843, H88-844, H88-845, H88-846, 1003, 9040, 9008, 9010, 9009, 9007, 9017, 9014, 9015, 9001, 9004, Alto 01, Alto 02, Alto 03, Alto 04, Alto 80, Alto 90, Alto 95, Alto 50, Alto 12, Alto W1, Alto W2, Alto W3, Alto ST, B001, 9021, 8007 BH01, BH02, BH03, BH04, BH05, BH06, BH07, BH08, BH09, BH98, BH62, BH16, BH92, BH93, BH42, BH43, BH44, BH45, BH46 or sold under the following product names: Crystal, Davenport, Clearwater, Orlando, Baywood, Pembrook, Pinebrook, Waterbury, Sanford, Portland, Avondale, Bahama, Grenada, Bermuda, Aruba, Anguilla, Cuba, Saba, Lucia, Bonaire, Belize, Puerto, Andorra, Aegean, Hawaii, La Romana, Malibu, Tropicana, Florida, Burlington, Marbella, Insignia, Torrario, Princeton, Barona, Kingsley, Deltri, Kiswia, Cleopatra, Paron, Munderin, Trinity, Sutherland, Gartho, Fentro, Monaco, Geneva, Caspian, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Persian, Richmond, Boston, Washington, New York, Bianco, Pluo, Insignia and Cascata, LW1, LW2, LW3, LW4, LW9, Opus 01, Opus 02, Opus 03, Opus 04, Opus 80, Opus 90, Opus 95, Opus 12.

There are however a number of shower makes that are now unavailable in the UK. These companies no longer trade and we are unable to supply parts for showers by: Ceda, TC, Europa, Novitek, AquaLux, Biojet, Sanisteam, Sani Nova other than standard parts such as hand showers and hoses which are standard fittings.

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Steam Shower Spares are one of the UKs biggest suppliers of spares and replacement parts for:
Steam Showers
Shower Cabins
Shower Enclosures
Steam and Whirlpool Baths

We even supply parts to other online shower spares sellers!

We specialise in shower cabin parts and replacement spares for leading brand names such as AquaLusso as well as Insignia, Lisna Waters Vidalux , World of Water, BPS and Cascada:

  • AquaLusso
  • Bathtek
  • Brownes Health
  • Master Faucet
  • Jt Spas
  • Smart Price Warehouse
  • Cascada
  • Burnley Plumbing Supplies
  • AquaPat
  • Di Vapor
  • Bath Depot
  • Insignia
  • Lisna Waters
  • Vidalux

Some parts we have are standard fittings which mean they can be fitted to other shower models, such as hand showers heads, hoses with 15mm threaded fittings etc.

Shower water has gone cold - you may need a new thermostatic shower cartridge valve

If you are looking for a replacement shower door handles, braided hose, steam hose, steam pod, thermostatic cartridge, control panels or pads, monsoon, hand showers, LED shower lights for steam shower cabins, remote controls and shower door runner wheels.

Many Steam Shower Spares parts are compatible with the following known models:
Orlando, 8004, 8002, Davenport, Baywood, 9009, Clearwater, BH04, BH02, Veneto, Castello, Crystal, BH42, H88-842 - H88-846, Geneva, S-DV015, 9013, 9016, 9017, Sanford, SD9008, 9012, Avondale 9001, 9004, BH04, 09002, 9010, Alto Series, Opus Series, Portland, Prestige, Niagara, Siena, Ivela, Garda, Cecina, Savona, Berkeley, Utopia, Superior, Pembrook, 9011, 8008, BH08
, LW1, LW2, LW3, LW4, LW5, LW6, LW8, LW9, LW10, LW13, LW14, LW15, L16, LW18, LW19, LW20, LW25, LW26, LW27, LW30, LW31

If you place your order for a shower cabin spare part or replacement steam shower spare, before noon, Monday to Friday, we will dispatch your item the same day. We offer a wide choice of delivery options and can even offer shipping to some overseas destinations.

Shower Parts
Steam Shower Parts
Shower Cabin Parts

Our secure online ordering system makes ordering SAFE, SECURE and FAST thanks to PayPal. You get clear updates on the status of your order and can even log into your account to print copies of your invoice off etc at a later date.

All spares are held in house and are picked, packed and dispatched from our extensive shower spares department.

If you are looking to buy a new shower cabin, steam shower, steam and whirlpool bath, hydro massage shower, steam cubicle, shower enclosure shower cabin, cheapest steam showers in the UK from one of the other leading UK Brands like AquaPlus, Lisna Waters, Insignia and AquaLusso, then why not visit Steam Shower & Sauna for the BEST and LOWEST prices - Guaranteed.

Need a shower valve?
We have a range of shower valves suitable for replacement or upgrade to your shower. 

Shower Cabin water cold?
Sounds like you need a new thermostatic cartridge. The thermostatic cartridge is the part that controls the water temperature in your shower. It is quick and easy to replace and we a useful videos online to show you how to remove and fit.

Shower doors not running smoothly?
At Steam Shower Spares, we have a large range of replacement shower door runner cam wheels available to get your shower doors running freely again

Steam Shower Spares hold their own stock in house, so we can offer not only super quick dispatch up to 4pm Monday to Friday, but we are here to help on the telephone.

Looking for the BEST PRICE on your NEW Steam Shower, Shower Cabin or new Bathroom Suite?

Take a look at the GREAT PRICES we have on your new shower and with a Guarantee we will beat any genuine price. We sell only GENUINE AquaLusso Shower Cabins, Steam Shower and Steam with Whirlpool Bath, direct to you. We have the latest Alto shower enclosures, Alto steam shower cubicles and whirlpools as well as the intra stylish Opus range with its polished frame. Choose from Carbon Black or Polar White finish.

Steam Shower and Sauna - Your No1 Shower Cabin Supplier.