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2 3 & 4 Output "2 Dial" Thermostatic Shower Valve - Threaded Adjustable Centres

2 3 & 4 Output "2 Dial" Thermostatic Shower Valve - Threaded Adjustable Centres

Two dial thermostatic shower valve designed for showers two, three, or four outputs (ie Hand shower, Monsoon and Body Jets). Inputs for Hot and Cold water. These thermostatic shower valves are commonly found in self-contained steam & shower cabins, shower pods and shower units.

Hose connections with these shower mixers are by way of either of the following:-

  • Push-fit connections that are secured by way of Jubilee clips.
  • Threaded connections that are secured by way of 1/2 screw fit connections.

Have A Steam Shower? If your shower houses a steam generator, for ALL these valves below you will need to purchase a 15mm Brass T-Piece that simply connects to the cold water input and this will feed a cold water supply to the steam generator.

This model has a braided hose connector for accommodating fixing centres between 100mm – 200mm. Watch the video below on how this connecting hose works.

Measurements Between Dials

100mm – 200mm Centres

Fixing Positions:

Top: 20mm

100mm Spacing between controls. 140mm version also available.

Thermostatic shower valve with 2 chrome dials for control of temperature, water flow and output to various functions of the shower or steam shower cabin.

The outputs are 15mm threaded. The water input ports are also 15mm threaded and require balanced water pressures.

Please Note - The valve does not have a cold water output to connect to a steam generator - Our15mm Brass T-Piececan be purchased separately if required.

The valve required water pressures between 1-3 bar balanced and a minimum flow of 7.5 litres per minute to operate.

Distance between valve body sections is 100mm centres.

This valve comes with a pre-fitted Thermostatic Cartridge.

AquaLusso have produced this guide for replacing a Valve in thier showers:


Please note our valves can arrive 'wet', this is not because they have been used, but simply that they are tested after production and occasionally water remains inside the item, with can find it way out whilst passing through the postal system on its way to you.

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