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4 Output Diverter Core

4 Output Diverter Core

SKU: A-324

PLEASE NOTE - This item now has a blue rather than clear body but is the same specification as is a direct replacement for clear/blue and green diverter cores

4 Way Diverter Core for thermostatic shower valves. This part is for replacement in the upper most part of the three dial thermostatic shower valve and control the output of water to four (4) different parts of the shower (hand shower, body jets, monsoon, foot massager etc).

Length: 82mm
Brass spindle length: 54mm
Spindle diameter: 10mm
Barrel height: 29mm
Barrel diameter: 34mm

We ONLY have the types of divertor cores shown on this website available and cannot supply other type other than those listed.

AquaLusso have a Help Guide to show you how to replace a Divertor Core



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