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Bath Filler (Chrome Finished)

Bath Filler (Chrome Finished)

SKU: Bath Filler

Whirlpool Bath filler. Finished in a Chrome effect finish and having a slit to direct the water into the bath tub.

This is the same part as fitted to AquaLusso steam shower and Whirlpool Baths sold from 2012 onwards. (Avondale, Antonio, Portland, Pembrook, and also Alto Models: Alto ST, Alto W1, Alto W2, Alto W3. The part may also be suitable for other suppliers of whirlpool baths.

Width (widest point): 70mm
Height: 60mm
Depth: (widest point) 15mm

The bath filler is fitted with a standard 1/2" threaded fitting. and comes with fixing nut.

The filler is normally passed through the hole in the side of the bath, fixed with the supplied nut to the outer side of the bath and then the water supply hose is connected to the thread to provide the pre-mixed water into the bath.

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