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Fluorescent Ring Tube (White)

Fluorescent Ring Tube (White)


Fluorescent Ring Tube Light. Available in White only.

Overall Diameter:270mm
Tube Thickness:16mm wide
Connection:4 pin connection(square configuration) 9mm x 6mm apart

This item is no longer available. A compatible alternative to this item is the LED Halo Light. It is a perfect replacement for the ring tube light and is EASY to install, used LESS ENERGY and lasts LONGER.


Remove your old Ring Tube.
Remove your old Ballast (the box that is used to start the ring tube)
Instal the LED Halo Light where the Ring Tube was previously located.
Connect the power lead for the LED light to the lead that previously connected to the Ballast.

Alternative item that is compatible is availble:White LED Halo Ring Light

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