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Polished Stainless Steel Handles S3

Polished Stainless Steel Handles S3

SKU: A-306-S#

Set of Shower door handles. These handles are finished inpolished stainless steel with a round profile (as seen in the image). The handles fit to the exterior of the shower doors, with knobs for the inside.

Supplied in a full set, enough to fit on a complete shower of 2 doors.

These handles are compatible with most showers with the same fixing hole dimentions and are identical to those fitted to 2013 AquaLusso showers, steam showers and whirlpool/steam cabins.

Fitting hole dimensions: 145mm apart (between centres).
Thread diameter: 5mm
Handle width: 29mm
Handle length: 195mm
Projection (outside): 45mm
Projection (inside): 28mm

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