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Pop Up Waste Assembly

Pop Up Waste Assembly

SKU: A-019-78

Pop Up Waste Assembly for Tub Base Showers and Baths. Chrome finished pop up dial which when rotated lifts the waste plug up and down.

This item is 78cm in length suitable for Steam and Whirlpool Baths. (models including those with Manufacturers codes: 8008, 9011, 9001, 9004 etc are compatible)


9007, 9005, 8055, 8004, 8002, 8008, 9002, 9003


Portland, Avondale, Orlando, 8004, 8002, 9002, 9002, 9007, 9005, 9004. 9001


W1, W2, W3 & ST

Brownes Health

SP02, SP04, SP92, Sp01, SP07, SP94

Other brands/sellers include

Luv Bathrooms

Steam Shower Supply

JT Spas

Superior Spas


Smart Price Warehouse

Home Supply


Please note the colour may vary between black, white and grey.

Please see other product listing for the 60cm version.

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