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Ring Light Diffuser Cover

Ring Light Diffuser Cover

SKU: A-045_25


Roof light diffuser cover for use with monsoon shower heads 25cm diameter. This cover will also house the standard LED 'Halo' light or the Fluorescent ring tube.

This part is designed to fit item A-283 Monsoon

Overall Diameter:380mm

Overhead ring light diffuser covers are fitted to a large range of makes and models of shower, steam shower cabin and steam with whirlpool baths. This is designed to take the larger 250mm/25cm diameter monsoon rainfall head. 

This diffuser shower light cover is suitable for shower models from Aqualusso, Bathek, Insignia, Bath depot, BPS, Cascada, Lisna Waters, Indigo Showers and models with manufacturers code including but not exclusively 8002, 8004, 9001, 9003, 9004, 9007, 9010, 8008

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