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Steam Shower Upgrade Kit (Combined)

Steam Shower Upgrade Kit (Combined)


This package allows you to fully upgrade your shower to feature a 3kW steam system. The kit is based not he popular MK117 control pad which provides fingertip control of the steam timer, cabin temperature, and steam duration as well as lighting control, FM Radio and Aux audio input. The control pad also includes control of the Ozone unit. The remote control provides easy access to some of the control panels functions, such as light, radio and steam without entering the shower.

The combined generator and ECU are ideal for fitting where space allows; such as under or behind your shower.

The kit includes:

  • MK117 Control Panel
  • MK117 Combined Steam Generator with ElectronicControl Unit
  • Remote control

Generator/ECU (approx)
210 x 110 x 400mm

This kit is ideal for those looking to upgrade their shower cabin to have steam function or older/discontinued showers and steam showers where replacement parts are unavailable.

Please note that in order to 'retro fit' or upgrade your shower, may require you to make modifications to the product and fabric thereof to fit this equipment. Please ensure you seek qualified and professional help where necessary and that any work you undertake will void any warranty you have on the product.

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