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Touch Screen Control Pad

Touch Screen Control Pad


Deluxe, Touch Screen Electronic Steam Shower Control Pad. Featuring a bright blue illuminated touch pad to enable control pf Steam production and timer, Radio Station, volume etc, Auxilliary Audio, Fan, Ozone etc.

To fit cut out in tower of: 170 x 110mm

Fitted to models: 8004d, 8002d and many others

Fitting of this item is as simple as removing the 4 fixing bolts holding the pad in place and pushing the pad into the shower cabin from the rear of the shower. Clean the area of any silicone used to provide water protection, apply a new bead of sealant to bed the pad into, place the pad in position, re-fasten the bolts and connect the data lead. Clean up any excess sealant and power the system back up.

When replacing control pads you MUST replace with the same pad as the connections from the pad can be different to those on the steam generator or electronics. Additionally the data communication to and from the generator must correspond (think of it like pointing a television remote at a different Make/Model of television, the remote would not control the television correctly)

If you wish to upgrade your control pad to a later generation, then you MUST purchase a corresponding steam generator system. This may require modification to the tower panel of your shower to house the control pad that may be a slightly different shape or size.

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