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Shower Accessories Supplier

If you work as a plumber, you're probably required to install and repair showers on a regular basis. Whilst you may find the work itself easy enough, you might struggle to find the accessories that you need to meet your clients' requirements. If so, it's worth heading over to the Steam Shower Spares website. The company is the leading shower accessories supplier in the UK and regularly supplies replacement parts to customers throughout the country. Accessories in stock include soap dispensers, fans, ozone units, speakers, pressure equalising valves, clips, NRVs, chrome caps and much, much more. Many of the items for sale at Steam Shower Spares are not easily classified, and so if you do require a specific part and can't find it on-site, it makes sense to ask the team. With such a vast product range, it's more than likely that they can supply you with the item that you need.

Super Fast Delivery

The team at Steam Shower Spares know that you won't want to wait too long for your shower accessories to arrive on your doorstep. That's why they strive to ensure that orders are processed and dispatched right away. Those received before 12pm Monday to Friday will be sent that very day. Take a look around the website to find out more.

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