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Insignia Spares, Brownes Health Spares and AquaLusso Spares

If you have a shower cabin or a steam shower and need spares the first place most would consider would be the supplier of their shower. But not all retailers actually sell spares or are indeed bother to fully support the customer after the warranty period. Additionally getting spares parts for your shower cabin or replacement parts for your steam shower after warranty relies on availability of the parts and being able to get them at a reasonable price.

This is whereSteam Shower Sparescome in. We hold alarge stock of spare partsand replacement or upgrade parts for a large variety ofshower enclosuresandhydro massage shower cabinsthat are sold not only in the UK, but also Europe and as well as America and Canada.

Our shower spare parts are sourced from the very same places that your original shower may have come from, so compatibility should never be a problem. This is especially true with some leading brand models sold in the England such as those sold by: Insignia Showers, JP Spas, Lisna Waters, AquaLusso Showers and Brownes Health (now known as Smart Price Warehouse)

Worldwide, our spares are fitted to showers sold in USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and the Middle East under brand names such asConstar.

WithEbaybeing a place more people go to purchase a bargain, there are also a large number of ebay sellers who sell shower cabins or steam showers that have no brand name, or long term view on their products and defiantly no support. We are often contacted by people who have purchased an unknown shower and the seller is no longer around or cannot/will not help them. This is the way things are with Ebay, most people are selling the 'next big thing' at a cheap price. This is fine until you need help orspares parts for your shower.

Fortunately many parts fitted to shower cubicles andsteam shower podsare interchangeable and can be found fitted to many different looking showers. With lots of standard threaded parts, the only real problem is likely to be communication between control panels and electronics - these MUST be of the same type to communicate.

There has been an increase in the number of people selling both on Ebay and the internet as a whole who have opened up places to purchase spare parts. Whilst this may seem like a good ting, and we always love competition, it has been noted to us that some suppliers are not actually holding much or any stock of the spares. A few carefully chosen pictures of the 'apparent' stock holding, or a long list of part available is all that is shown. Place and order and people are having to wait weeks for their shower replacement parts.We, at Steam Shower Spares, show you clearly if the part is in stock or not. On some items we allow back orders, but this is ONLY when we know for sure the stock is due VERY soon. If we do not have clear confirmation the stock has shipped, then we do not let you purchase and so you will not feel like we have conned you or taken you money with deception.

so, are you looking for shower enclosure handles, areplacement shower thermostatbecause the water temperature is getting cold, the glass shelf has been broken, you need a high quality WRAS approved water supply hose, a new steam pod fixing nut, a chrome finished swivel joint and you have a shower that is from a known brand name or not, then you have found the best place on the net...visit the shop here

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