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Shower Door Wheels

A common question we receive; in fact most days via email, is regarding shower door cam wheels - shower door runners.

In recent years a large portion of shower cabins and steam showers similar to those we supply parts for, all fitted single wheel type cams and in fact quite a few of the cheaper brands are still using these. The reason for them being used was that they are cheaper - having only one wheel and made of plastic the cost of production is far less than metal ones.

The downside to single cam wheels are that they are difficult to adjust and more importantly since they only have one wheel the weight distribution is directed at one wheel and at a single, small area of that wheel, which often results in a very short life due to forces on a small area. The shower door cam wheels outer wheel surface either crumbles under constant load, or the bearings break.

High quality Brand named showers fit twin shower door wheels as standard and these often can be ones with 'easy clean' type mechanisms enabling the lower wheels to be quickly and easily removed from the runner at the press of a button so that cleaning can be done. These are typically made with a metal housing that looks far better than plastic and lasts longer. The shower cam wheels are very easy to install and adjustment is made by simply using a screwdriver in the upper cam wheel from the outside of the shower with alignment being visible as you adjust!

Weight distribution, as we have discussed is better too, so overall they win hands down over the single wheel type shower door runners.

The one factor some people fail to realise with shower door runners is that maintenance WILL prolong the cam wheels life - as well as making them generally better during everyday use. The wheels all contain little bearings and since showers produce copious amounts of soap and soap residue this very easily makes its way into the running tracks of the wheels and then coats them. The result is sluggish wheels that are straining to run or roll. The soap can even get into the bearings again affecting use. So regular cleaning of the track and rinsing with clean water will ease matters. The use of Silicone spray on the tracks and cams are also an option to prolong life.

Ensuring the wheels are level, the doors are meeting and the wheels run smooth are things that should be checked occasionally - the first sign of the doors NOT meeting correctly should not only be a sign that water might escape, but that the load on the wheels will no longer be evenly spread!

Steam Shower Spares has a wide selection of shower door runner wheels. You can even replace some single wheel types with twin ones. This procedure usually only requires the door stops to be re-positioned to take into account of the extra wheel.

All our cam wheels fit into a single hole in the glass shower door and are designed for 5 or 6mm glass.

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