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Lisna Waters - Steam Showers

A new Range of steam showers has been launched in the UK from a company called JT Spas. Their range of models include low step and tub based models.

The range comprises a 1200 x 900 steam shower, a tub based 900mm quadrant and a low step 900mm and 950mm steam shower and finally a corner fitting 1050mm steam shower. - these are similar to Orlando, Clearwater and Davenport, BH04, BH02, BH08 and BH09 models.

Each of the models bare a striking similarity to those of another leading shower specialist - AquaLusso with their choice of 'ocean' coloured glass walls and features including all the expected items such as monsoon, hand shower and body jets. Since AquaLusso have discontinued this colour option and infact tub based steam showers, this might be a good time of those looking for a similar model to grab one.

Like all similar steam showers, the Lisna Waters steam showers require up to 3 bar of balanced water pressure and are designed to be freestanding. The thermostic shower valve is a standard edition these days - thankfully most suppliers have given up using the low cost mixer valves. The choice of body jets is again a standard item, seen on many steam showers and shower cabins these days, they produce a focused directable jet stream idea of targeting specific parts of the body. If you preference is that of a 'spray' type nature, these you may be disappointed, but at last it comes with the usual 6 body jets.

These is plenty of internal storage space in the lisna Waters Steam Showers with the twin shelf option being chosen for the models. Whilst others have a single glass shelf, these twin tier glass shower shelves and this is finished in a clear glass and chrome finish - Steam Shower spares have stock of this compatible item which is exactly the same specification as the Lisna Waters Glass Shelf.

Steam Shower Spares are also able to supply replacement frame sections, tub and trays as well as the same glass and tower panels used in Lisna Waters models.

Lisna Waters Steam Showers with low step trays feature a fold up seat, and whilst we at steam showers spares are unable to supply this item currently, we can supply the back rest pad that is also fitted.

Finally the Lisna Waters steam shower cabin models come with an MK117u steam shower control panel (electronic control pad) featuring Bluetooth, USB and other current generation features. We at steam shower spares can supply these items as well as matching steam generators and electronic control units, steam pods and all the hoses and pipework that comes as standard with Lisna Waters showers. Indecently, we can even provide upgraded WRAS approved water supply hoses to replace the standard braided hoses on Lisna Water Shower Cabins.

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