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Setting a new standard - AquaLusso

AquaLusso - perhaps the UKs leading steam shower and shower cabins supplier have recently launched a brand new range of showers onto the UK market.

Always one for raising the standard, AquaLusso have made considerable changes to their shower cabins and steam shower range for 2013. Whilst being the first to introduce the 'Ocean' colour option (a pale green) that is the result of the application of a white rear finish to glass with a high Ion composition, AquaLusso have moved away from this colour in favour of a Low Ion glass, which results in the white coating showing as white. Low Ion Glass costs more to produce and therefore be used in a shower, but we think the result is a certain winner as if you think about it - most bathroom pottery is already white, so colour matching is a doddle!

AquaLusso have coupled this white glass with a white glass tower on thier Opus range, to delivery a truly stunning result, that a so much more pleasing to the eye than the metal tower panels of the Alto range. Naturally this and a few other refiements increases the product cost, but we think its worth the extra if your budget allows.

To run alongside the white options AquaLusso are set to introduce black versions, which in the models we have seen look spectacular, ok, perhaps a little daring for most, but there is sure to be a market for it.

The other game changer for AquaLusso Showers in 2013 is the effort they have put into the stability of the shower trays. All freefreestanding showers suffer the same problem (until now). They are not designed to be fixed to the bathroom wall, so any and we mean ANY small movement, will result in the whole shower shaking. This is not necessarily a fault of the shower, simply that if you bathroom floor moved (gives) a little, or, is not level, then the cabin will mover and in some cases quite a bit. The other factor to this is that the trays are made of acrylic, so naturally WILL flex.

So what have AquaLusso does to resolve this? Well the first thing to remember is that their trays have all been much thinker then most since mid 2011, they increased the composition of the acrylic and binding. Now however they have upgraded he tubular frame support to a much thinker and stronger tubing. Whilst the older 15mm tubes was strong, the surface coverage and leg support was its Achilles. The thinker tube means the leg supports are tubular rather than threaded rods - -so much more rigid. The next change is that the tray now has a bonded support board between the tub and the frame. We have again see comparisons of the new and old and are pleased so say it does what they say. So confident are AquaLusso that the support is so much stronger, they challenges 3 of us ( just over 40 stone) to stand on the tray and tray to get it to move and its didn't!.. an if you think that is impressive that then asked us to jump up and, not a single ounce of movement.

The AquaLusso Alto and Opus ranges have a whole host of changes to components and in fact the Opus range is clearly different to the competition, but Il save that for another Blog!

why not visit the AquaLusso website to find out for yourselves about their shower cabins and stem showers.

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