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Steam Showers, a New Tradition

The steam shower has redefined the concept of the bathroom and this all down to their unique ability to stylise and modernise the bathrooms interior, whilst improving our bodies and mind.

The steam shower and steam shower bath is a stylish amenity that was originally introduced to gyms, fitness centres, spa retreats, hotels and other luxury establishments. Created in the style of a shower enclosure, each appliance is a self-enclosed unit that comes fully fitted with a small steam generator combined with an abundance of modern accessories.

The whole concept of the steam shower comes from the traditional remedy of the steam bath that dates back to our early ancestors. In fact it stems right back to the early Roman Empire, where the Romans utilised natural hot springs found beneath the earth in conjunction with the creation of large bath houses. The Ancient Romans used these impressive buildings as not only a means of bathing, but to socialise. The Romans regarded the baths as an integral and important part of the community to such an extent that it did not matter what your socioeconomic standing. The Greek closely followed, alongside other early civilisations such as the Turkish and many more all benefiting from the amazing health and therapeutic attributes offered through steam.

Each steam shower cabin utilises steam through a small generator that sits within the base of the steam shower unit with many other amazing gadgets and accessories such as hydro-massage water jets, foot and calf massager and many other modern accessories such as chromo-therapy, waterproof television, radio, hands free telephone and much more.

The small steam generator turns the enclosure in to a therapeutic haven that provides a wonderful array of benefits. The most common element is the inducement of relaxation, helping to release pent up tensions and stress, this is especially useful for people wishing to unwind after a hard and strenuous day at work. After a short period of time your muscles start to relax which then induce a drop in emotional mood, making you happier and revived. Ailments such as arthritis and rheumatoid pains are decreased through the combination of moisture and heat making it extremely beneficial for the elderly. Sweating is another valuable attribute enabling your body and skin to release toxins and any negative energy. Furthermore this form of therapy stimulates the flow of blood throughout the body and can also help with weight loss and lastly leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh, healthy and revived.

AquaLusso has just launched their latest selection of luxury steam showers, steam shower baths and whirlpool baths for the home. Each appliance is sourced from leading brands and offers the finest accessories at affordable prices.

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