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Thermostatic Shower Cartridges

There are quite simply Thousands of differentThermostatic Shower Cartridgesavailable Worldwide.

Finding the correct  one for your shower often means contacting the supplier of your shower or the manufacturer.

Whilst in most cases this is quite simple, there are many reasons why this may not be so:

You did not install the shower cabin in the first instance.You have simple forgotten where it came from.The company no longer exisits.

Whilst we at Steam  Shower Spares cannot help everyone, there are at least quite a large amount of people in theUK, Europeand evenWorldwidewho we can help source a replacement spare thermostatic shower cartridge for thier shower enclosure, steam shower cabin, steam and whirlpool bath or simiar hydro spa quadrant shower.

Chinas East coast is home to a huge volume of sanitaryware production. Not just showers, but bathroom, suites, toilets, sinks, taps - in fact everything. The fact this area is so massivly dense in factories means they all are aware of each other, copy one another and most helpful to you - they source componants from the same sources.

So, if there was a company making shower cabins, steam showers and shower enlcosures and they need shower valves for them, rathe then make them inhouse, they simply buy them in from the company who only make valves, and since there are more shower companies than valve makers, the same valves are fitted to hundreds of companies showers. Futher still, that shower valve will have been copied a hundred times by other valve companies.

The valve company may only case the outer case and inturn buy in the thermostatic cartridge from a company who make them and only them, so guess what... there are now thousands of showers manufacturers with the same cartridge!

The important thing is to check what 'type' of cartridge you have. Simple remove the one you have that needs replacing and compare to the ones we supply.

Over time the makers do make chnages to all componants. This may be for cost reasonas or that improvements have been implemented. AS with all things, chnages are not often able to be handled in Retro fitted cases, so a thermostatic cartridge made in one year, may be different from those produced a year or two later.

As a general rule of thumb here is some information regarding the thermostatci cartridges that we know:

Type 12

This was used from around 2006 - 2008 approximatly. It is held into the valve by a Grub Screw.

Type 6

This part superseded theType 12cartridge and is different only in that the gauzed area is less in comparison. These were fitted from around 2008-2011 and is also a Grub Screw type of cartridge.

Type 8

This is a screw threaded thermostatic cartridge. Aside from he thread it is very similar to theType 6. Fitted into showers from 2011 - 2013


This is a variation on the Type 8 and CAN be used to replace the Type 8. It is also threaded for fitting and has the same sized gauzed area. It main difference is theWax Sensoris produced by a highly reputable sensor manufacturer n France. The sensors are purchased and sent toChinafor installation in the cartridges. TheVernet Thermostatic Shower Cartridgeis also noticeably different to all the others in that the Bottom end of the cartridge is Blue rather than Red.


This is a slightly rarer item that was fitted to someAquaLusso Opusmodels in 2013 - It is Silver in colour and is completely different to the others. It is a high quality cartridge and is very reliable.


These cartridges look like theType 8and are in fact ever so slightly different n size it is very difficult to find the difference. Only the fact they are fitted into a TWO DIAL valve do we usually know the difference. These must be replaced with the same type - never a type 8!

Most of the above thermostatic shower cartridges are fitted to models available fromBathtek, AquaLusso, JTSpas, Bath Depot, Brownes Health, Victoria Plumbing, Insignia, BPS, Cascada, Forthill Home, Smart Price Warehouse, Indigo Showers, Lisna Waters, Heat and Plumb, AquaPlus, New World Bathroomand many, many more, often sold onEbayor other retailers.

Steam Shower Spares can ship Thermostatic Cartridges Worldwide.

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