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Wedding Video, Marryoke and Wedding Photography Are you or a family member getting married soon? You will need a Wedding Video and Photography!

Choosing a wedding photographer and wedding videographer is another one of the many, many items on the Bride and Groom list of series to arrange. 

Selecting a trustworthy, reliable, professional company is perhaps the first place to start, then you need to ensure that their work is in a style of photography or video that you like and would suit your special wedding day. Next you need to check that the videographer and photographer are available on the day.

Harrogate Wedding, Video and Photography is the amalgamation of two independent company who are able to offer a combined wedding video and photography solution or if you prefer, a separate solution.

So why is this worth considering over sourcing individual photographer and video people?

By using

Harrogate Weddings to provide Professional photographer and video for your wedding, you not only save time, but the cost will be less for using a single company solution. The other reason, and personas that may not be apparent is that using a wedding photographer and wedding video company that have experience of working together, means that on you special and magical day, they are fully aware of each others specific needs when it comes to arranging the shots. Allowing time and room to make sure the photographer has his shots, and the video has carpeted the special moments. Communication between both parties makes things, location shots and your day run without hitch and means the finished wedding video and wedding photography looks stunning.

Harrogate Weddings, Video and Photography offer wedding photo and video services not only in Harrogate and other parts of North Yorkshire, but in fact anywhere in the UK. We have done weddings as far as London and France.

Harrogate Weddingscan provide both Digital only photography, or a fullwedding album. The choices of video are varied too' traditional wedding feature, full wedding video, or evenWedding Marryoke. Marryoke is modern trent to shoot a wedding video to the accompaniment of your favourite pop song - great fun for all your friend and family on the day. Your wedding video can include messages form your guests, the ceremony and the speeches if you wish.

Our photographer has many years of experience shooting both weddings and studio photography and is sure to capture the best of your day. Thevideographersare able to produce romantic, stylish, or modern video to your exact needs and are amazingly creative.

The video team had a wealth of professional equipment, including rigs, cranes, aerial cameras, GoPro along with steady cams, cages and shoulder rigs - all of which are used to get the best shots we can.

Harrogate Weddings is the joining of bothIdeal Imagery PhotographyandRed Lime Studios Videographers 

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